I’m on Holiday… Sort of…

I’ve come away for a few days to the hot sun… I thought I’d share my time going through the airport with you first, and we’ll see where we end up from there.

I arrived in Manchester for my evening flight over to my holiday destination, I then arrived with all the bags I started with; unlike certain British Airways flights recently. I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s head back over to Manchester and continue the story from there.

So, we set off from home at around 11:30 on Sunday morning to begin our 13-hour journey to Tenerife. It took us around an hour or so to reach Penrith train station. This would take us directly to Manchester airport ready to take off at seven that evening.

We actually arrived at the airport ahead of time. Which meant we had plenty of time to get through customs, security and into Duty-Free with LOADS of time.

The malarky with the airport is a completely different matter. I sometimes want to throw airport security out of the window. But, I suppose that due to national security threats nowadays, they have to be strict. Still a pain. I mean they have enough security forces to form their own private army. In fact, they probably have one!

We then boarded our plane at around half six ish and took off an hour later, slightly delayed, but ready for a four hour and a half long flight, I got to watch a great film at 37,000 FT; Deadpool.

Other than the constant ear aching announcements from the Captain every five minutes, the film was great, considering I’m not usually a fan of the Marvel franchise. Other from the plane being UNBELIEVABLY hot, the flight was pretty good.

The odd shake of turbulence awoke the large seated man behind me, from his extra cushioned seat with extra fabric and leg room and broke the loud snore by pilots announcements at every mile we hit.

We finally landed at Tenerife South airport at ten to midnight where I felt like using pegs to lift my eyes open. Then came the real pain. The moment I felt like taking the sharp edge of my passport and gauging my eyes out: Tenerife’s security and ground forces. They are painfully slow. And I mean, like snail pace. I think I can go as far as saying I could have got a flight back to the UK in the time it took us to get through passport control, and baggage reclaim.

Especially baggage reclaim.

I can imagine the small, Spanish man simply taking his time, as everything else is done in this part of the world very slowly. One case appeared every 30 seconds. It was too slow. I got very impatient, right up to the moment where the tiny Spanish man, probably called Yosef or something decided, Thomas needs something to write about on Tuesday, so let’s whack all of his on at once.

So he did.

We got onto the coach, traveled 40 minutes down the road and arrived at our overnight halt an hour later. We received a late dinner and early breakfast at quarter to three in the morning then hit the hay.

I woke up the following morning and sat by the pool to chill. And I sit here on my balcony looking over the Atlantic, with the coast of Morocco on the horizon, with a glass of something cold and fizzy in my left hand.

That’s the beauty of the holidays, enjoy them.

I am going to end with that while I am on holiday, please don’t expect a blog as frequently as usual. I will try my best to get at least another one out while I am here. I don’t know when that will be. I hope you understand, I have been very busy working on my blog over the last few months and I’m very proud of the stage that it is at now, and I only have YOU to thank for that, so thank you very much!

I have an idea for a blog while I’m out here, I’m just picking at the final touches as I usually do before I begin to write it. Have a great few weeks. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Seriously, Winters next and we’ll all be complaining…



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