Summer Reads – Thomas Tells The Teenager Tale…

Summers here, which for me means time to read! I always look forward to the fact that as soon as summer arrives I can look forwards to buying a new book and just reading it in the sun.

Rushing to the nearest WHSmiths at the airport to pick a book that I’d fancy reading on the plane and on a beach was always the element of my holiday I would look forward to, it always indicated that my summer break had begun. I’ve hit a little bit of a rock in the road this year, as I head off abroad in a few days, I’m struggling for a book to grab, so I thought I’d have a look, and share with you.

The first book I would like to talk about has been written by a blogger turned author. The daughter of Jeremy Clarkson; Emily has just published “Can I Speak to Someone In Charge?”. The book was written, apparently when Emily was in a very bad mood about a number of topics, but it covers subjects which she says is important for both girls and guys to know about. Covering Page 3, the image of girls, makeup and school, among a whole other matter of things. If you dare read into Emily’s outspoken opinions, give her book a read over the summer.

Em Clarkson
Can I Speak To Someone In Charge? – Emily Clarkson

YouTube has become a growing interest with many teenagers, and some YouTubers have even taken to writing their own books. If you’re a fan of Joe Sugg and his graphic novels, and can’t wait for book three to come out, then you don’t have much longer to wait because his new graphic novel “Username: Uprising” is due to arrive in book shops on September 21. The story will follow Evie and her gang facing new challenges and resolving the rift between the online and offline world. It should be a great story to follow if you want to be involved with Evie and her travels, give “Username: Uprising” a read when it comes to book shops in September.

Joe Suggles
Username: Uprising – Joe Sugg

I think I’ve recommended two very good books for over the summer to a generation of teenagers who don’t actually read at all anymore. In fact, I’d give 10 Brownie points to any teenager who knew what a book actually was. I’m serious too, teenagers nowadays just like to take pictures of their food and post it to Instagram with the caption of ‘Look what I’m eating’ all spelt wrong. Just scrolling through your Facebook feed, isn’t actually classed as reading, your brain’s not thinking as it would when you read a 586-page thriller.

Reading is everything, I mean personally, I think I should do a lot more reading than I currently do, but without words on lots of pages to tell a story, you wouldn’t be able to structure a sentence as it is words that we pick up from things such as books that help form our day to day sentences. I think perhaps if you turn off your Data Roaming on your phone, stop scrolling through Facebook, Tinder and Instagram, and read a book the world may exit the current turmoil that it appears to be in.

We really do need to read more, but if you are aged between 13 to 18 and have just read this column, give yourself a pat on the back, it’s a step in the right direction.

Have a great summer.



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