From Blogger to Print Writer

As I said last week, I’ve been very very very busy recently. I’m not going to lie. I’ve loved it.

I’ve had the very lucky opportunity to be recently working alongside Cumbrian Newspapers. So I’ve been getting in the way of the people who write for The Whitehaven News, Times and Star and News and Star, and write-up some articles. It’s been great.

I originally did some work experience with The Times and Star in August last year, (by the way, its August 1, so pinch and punch, first of the month), sorry had to do that. Anyway, I went for work experience in August last year, and to be honest, I loved every minute. I loved it so much I was asked back a few weeks later, and I loved that so much, I’m sitting here in The Times and Star office writing a blog while everybody else gets ready to go to print. I don’t want to get in the way and stop the next newspaper end up being a pamphlet.

It has, however, been a very busy week, as you read this I’m in the middle of my second and final week with Cumbrian Newspapers before I go on my holidays. But before I do go, I thought that I could share with you, my experiences of being nestled in the middle of a major and speedy weekly newspaper…

I’ve been kept on my toes I think is a fair expression to use, writing articles, interviewing people who have achieved great things… It’s been great. But if I had to pick a favourite day… I couldn’t, I’d have to pick two.

Last Wednesday and Thursday were absolutely epic, I got to experience first hand how a newsroom can go from being fairly chilled first thing in the morning to being manic three hours later. Since I’ve been with Cumbrian Newspapers; which include The Times and Star, News and Star and The Whitehaven News, each paper has a different deadline, so Wednesday was the deadline for The Whitehaven News, which was only manic for the morning and quietened down towards the end of the afternoon, as pages were sent off to be printed the atmosphere became a lot less surreal than it was two hours earlier.

Thursday was even busier The Times and Star went to, what they call in the journalism world, “to press”, this is where the day before the paper comes out, everything becomes hectic and, for me, super super exciting! Deadlines have to be met, shapes for articles to fit have to be finalised and at the end of it all, it does have to be printed, so that it can be picked up the following morning by people while they go bread and milk shopping.

The scariest part for me was simply just the pace of it all, I mean I’m just a blogger. I sit down every so often with a cuppa and a HobNob and think of stuff to say, and it takes me what? A few hours… These lot work late nights, long shifts and finalise every single detail… It’s amazing how it’s all turned around in such a short space of time.

The most exciting part for me has just been how busy things get very very quickly. One minute the room can be completely still and silent, you can hear a pin drop. Then all of a sudden it gets extremely lively, you’d be lucky to hear a large bear make whatever noise large bears make.

Some of the articles I’ve written can be found on The Whitehaven News and Times and Star website, and will be in both papers this week, so you can go and buy one!

So, there you go, I’ve been writing articles and interviewing people, and I have even been given a column to talk about books! Mind you it is just a one-off, but it should be in The Whitehaven News on Thursday (August 3) and The Times and Star on Friday (August 4). Give it a read! It was great fun to write, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, just as I have for the two weeks I have had here.

If you can’t for some reason buy a paper, then it will also be appearing on here on Friday evening so that it gives people the chance to read it in the paper first.

That’s all from me for this week, I go on holiday in a few days but still plan to blog when I can… See you soon,



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