Last Lap for Petrol and Diesel 

The government recently decided that the idea of strong horsepower will be abandoned on the shelf of a garage somewhere to collect cobwebs. This has to mean that the only way forward will have to be electricity.

Yes, this is the story that earlier this week, the environment experts have decided to call it a day, and put a ban on all petrol and diesel powered cars in the UK as of 2040.

This news may come as a surprise to some of you, however, the government have been against electric cars for some time now, simply because they feel that some of the earth’s polar bears are struggling to find space on the melting ice caps. Plus the added fact that the countries emissions boffins are beginning to think that car fumes may also be doing harm to the human body, which is not a thing we want to happen.

The fuel powered car as we know it has been around for centuries, and for some petrol heads, this news does come as a bit of a shock to the system, and the end of an era, as now car journalists have to get their pencil cases out again to think of new words to describe the way electric motors work, because I can tell you now – there isn’t any!

Let’s just break this news down piece by piece and see what we can get out of it. My first concern about this news is that although it is 23 years away from now, the news is still a little soon… I mean before the cars have to go, so does every single petrol station in the country, and they will have to be replaced with electric charging points… HOW MUCH WILL THAT COST???!!! I mean, are we *balls* deep already with a certain Brexit bill looming upon us? (* I did mean eye balls*)

Looking at the current main issue with electric cars at the moment has to be the range of them. If you were to take an electric car like the BMW i3 and charge its battery full, you would struggle to get it from my home in the Lakes to Manchester. Which does mean that you’re going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere to find that there are no charging points available. So in short, you’re buggered.

Charging your electric car is a little bit of a faff anyway. From one empty tank to fully charged on some electric cars can take anywhere from eight to 13 hours. So, unless you are near a soft play or shooting range, you’re not going to have anywhere to take your anger out on the matter of your empty tank.

My third issue with this sudden announcement is that all car manufacturers are going to have to really really think about loads of different electric car designs, because there isn’t actually that much variety with electric cars at the minute, otherwise everybody will be driving round in the Nissan LEAF… And that wouldn’t be very good at all.

Electric cars are also ugly and a little pricey, I’m fully aware you get just under £5000 back from the government, but there aren’t that many good-looking electric cars that are affordable for the average person. The only good looking, half non-expensive car you can buy is a Tesla Model S, but even still you’re looking at the best part of £60,000. Which is not cheap at all.

On the topic of electric cars that are not cheap, you may be reading this and realising that all the fast McLarens, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s that run from the stuff dug up in the ground that use petrol and diesel will also have to go, and there isn’t any equivalent electric cars that we would call sports cars… But is there?

The Rimac Concept One is an electric super car from the bottom up. Just don’t take it to the Swiss Alps and throw it from the side of a mountain like Richard Hammond did a few weeks ago, will you? Good.

This car can go from 0 to 100 KM/H in 2.5 seconds. That is serious power! It produces 1224HP and has a top speed of a million! (I made that last bit up…) Anyway, seriously good car, sadly it does have a price of a million pounds and only about eight or nine were made, so they have all been sold, but it is still nice to know that companies like Rimac are always thinking of ways to enhance this new chapter in the history of motoring.

Rimac Concept One Pic: Jalopnik

Getting rid of petrol and diesel cars may not be a completely bad thing, as it does mean that the man who works at the scrap yard, no doubtingly called Eric, Steve or Bill can keep his job, since there seems to be a lot of cars that will need turning into Coca-Cola cans.
Also, this does give car reviewers and journalists to think new world on ways to describe the sound an electric engine makes, all the whirring and whining and clicking and ticking the car makes, is that a good noise? A bad noise? We don’t know yet and probably won’t know until more electric cars come from the production line.

I also am warming to the idea of more electric cars coming out anyway, because as we have seen they have the potential to be staggeringly quick and jaw dropping to look at as that Concept One does in the picture above. But, the government have only decided to hack petrol and diesel cars; not hybrids. If you’re wondering what a hybrid is, I’ll explain. A hybrid was the birth of the electric car, but manufacturers weren’t quite there yet, so the hybrid had a petrol engine, but an electric engine driving the wheels. A car like the Toyota Prius. Manufacturers then took this idea and went off to create raw, naked speed, and cars like the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and La Ferrari put the idea to the ultimate test. So, those sorts of cars will still be around, and who knows, they may even take the petrol engine out and just fit them with an electric motor which will make it lighter, meaning it will easily be able to exceed speeds of up to 200MPH. So even those three cars could be reinvented as a whole new concept.

There are tracks right across the world that have been the beginning of the end. Le Mans, Spa, Silverstone and of course The Nurburgring. They have all hosted epic races through cars that have been powered through petrol and diesel, and I think that it is sad that they will have to stay where they are as time moves on, because come 2050, the races being held there won’t start to the typical roar that they used to, with people standing with their fingers in their ears, instead a gentle hum will allow you to start a book.

So, you may feel a little sad that the car as we know it has died, but think and look ahead because its offspring that inspired it will be a whole new page in all motoring magazines. The word “auto” will have a completely different meaning, cars will have a new feel, look and style.

And to be honest it’s all down to something that’s been here for much longer than the car. Classic, honest, brilliant, engineering.

Since we invented the car, I suppose it’s only right we kill it off and introduce it again.


2 thoughts on “Last Lap for Petrol and Diesel 

  1. Nice Piece Thomas, very interesting, with a bit of luck.the BAN on Petrol and diesel won’t come into force until after my time.


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