Graduation? At Infant School?

I am, once again in typical Thomas style late with my homework this week. I sit here on a sunny Monday evening in the sun with a chilled glass of Orange juice in my garden. It’s very nice.

It has become apparent to me that I can’t lose my audience before I’ve even started after I publicly admitted my opinion on the punishment all caravaners. I did then promise myself that no more controversial writing would appear on my blog however, I have had to make a little bit of an exception as I’m writing this at last-minute, as I have been very busy, and I seem to have a refined talent in this. I’m also beginning to question if this is Thomas’ blog and not Thomas’ very strong opinions.

I mean, I say controversial, I just wanted to voice my opinion, and make you question if you feel the same way as I do…

I was talking to a mate the other day, and he was telling me that an infant school down south of the country had a graduation for their pupils… Yes, you’re thinking… I say no… I’ll tell you why…

I don’t see the point in youngsters having a graduation ceremony? I mean they did the full whack too, cap, gown, certificate in a small roll with a thin layer of purple silk holding it together… Is that not a Uni thing?

So, this school are giving eight-year-old children a graduation ceremony, for finishing infant school? I mean, what do they have a degree in? Lego block building? I do just fail to see the point in it… Children now are put under immense pressure for a number of things; appearance, how they dress, but education is a big one. From the age of 10 to degree level. But, I want to specifically talk about infants. They are given assessments just before they go up to Primary school, and I just can’t understand why… When I left infant school, I was still discovering what the colour red was, but now you are expected to know why Newton’s cradle swings left before swinging right. It gets ridiculous, and I think it’s starting to get too ridiculous. I really don’t understand it anymore. SATs are another ramble…

I know do happen to know a very bright, smart, intelligent kid who is absolutely bricking it about his SATs, and obviously, he is looking for me to say that it will all be alright, and he will get on just fine, but I honestly don’t know anymore! It’s been nearly six years since I sat my SATs exams and you wouldn’t think so, but since then, they have changed more than the direction of the wind on a remote island in Northern Scotland. There simply is too much pressure, and I don’t think it’s really needed, children don’t use any and I mean any of the skills they picked up in Infant school, I’ve always just thought was somewhere to throw them while parents went to relieve their headache and stock up on Day and Night Nurse with Nurofen, where they then come up drugged up on the stuff complaining it was a hard day at work…

I was in a newly built restaurant the other day with my family, and I’m not going to tell a word of a lie, it was amazing. I found that there was only one problem… Since the staff were all in training; the waiters, waitresses, chefs and even manager. Don’t get me wrong they worked very long hours, tirelessly all night, however, they seemed to struggle with the aspects of a busy restaurant. Which gave me an idea of a pointer to look at on my blog when I made the list of ideas of things to talk about. I just thought that has to be down to the education system. Hold off on that complaint please, give me time.

Nowadays, we are not educated about how a working world will work, believe me, I’ve experienced it. I found that on my very first work experience placement with a newspaper was completely different to what I had been taught with desks, tables and a pencil sharpener. It’s the real working world, and if something goes wrong, you can use TipEx to get rid of it, you have to correct it… On your own. And my point is, we are just not taught this anymore. Maybe if we left the top speed of the Harrier Jump Jet till later and just learned how to use a knife and fork, the world wouldn’t be in the horrific mess it’s in now… Although saying that, they would probably find something else…

That’s all I have time for this week, but you’ll be pleased to know that next week has almost been written as it should be a good one!

I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ve been working with a newspaper group and would like to share my experiences with you about it. So, look out for the blog titled ‘From Blogger to Print Writer’, there’s a sneak peak for you… You’ll have to wait until next week to find out more. See you then, thank you very much for reading.

Take care,



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