Er… Hi…

Hiya, I’m Thomas, I got into writing through my school news paper, when I decided I had enough experience of writing about the best Red Nose Day, I wanted to create my own blog, so I’m back writing for myself (which is good fun), and nobody can tell me what to do…

Now, obviously it’s every boys dream to write for a large paper or magazine, but I can’t, so I’m currently writing on a thing I’ve just found called the “internet” it’s an amazing place!

I’ve always wanted my own column, it’s the sort of freedom part of journalism, where you can say what you like (within reason) and if anybody complains, you’re very much entitled to say it’s your opinion…. I quite like that…. To write the sort of stuff you want to write about is an opportunity in the journalism industry that doesn’t come around very often, most of the time you have to go to an old folk’s home tea party and report on who won the game of Scrabble…. Not exciting for me or you.

I have been asked MANY times by my friends why I write. Do I get paid for it? Is it just like me saying, why do you play football? Are you heaving in the money by doing it? To that question I asked people, the majority of the answers were no. But I write partly because it’s something I’m interested in, and would like to possibly pursue as a career, however the best part of it is because, it’s great fun, interviewing people, learning what they want to do, and why they are interested in that specific thing!

Journalism is in the news every day, literally! Whether if it’s somebody that can juggle while having 16 bottles of sparkling water on their head, or if someone has won an award for crossing a road while saying the alphabet backwards, it’s very interesting to write about. I also suppose that to be a journalist, you have to be good at being nosy, which I seem to have a refined talent in!

If you’re wanting to know a little about me, I’m from Whitehaven in Cumbria, my favourite colour is…. I’m not going to bore you with that…. Wait, this is my column, I can!

I have a strong interest with cars, and how they work, with my favourite car of all time being the McLaren P1. I enjoy to perform, I attend Stagecoach Theatre Arts School in Cockermouth every Saturday.

So the column, well I intend to write weekly and publish them to the Tom’s Chit Chat website, what can I write about? Well, I have the first few sort of mapped out but I would love suggestions from other people, if you have an idea, then drop me an email, be it wacky or stupid, I’d love suggestions, just take a look at the ‘Contacts’ page and, I’ll be in touch with you as quickly as possible to let you know if I’m okay to evaluate your idea.

Sadly, that is the end of this weeks piece, I hope you liked it, I wanted it to be more a chance for me to introduce myself, and with that, see you next week!

Thank you so much for reading, I’ll be back soon!